Moving To The Cloud


Running your business a business is usually more than a full time job and that is why our clients depend on us to provide robust, scalable and secure solutions for them.  On September 13, 2013 Northern Colorado suffered terribly with the flooding of the Big Thompson and the Poudre River affecting Loveland and Fort Collins.  For our customers in Loveland, some lost entire buildings including equipment, paperwork and the opportunity to serve their patients and customers.  After the flooding, there has been a large rise in customers inquiring on managed cloud-based solutions such as Office 365 and Google Apps for Business to offload the local liability to a full data center.  As customers start to review their options, there is a larger option that involves their local IT solutions and that is to use cloud computing for not only email, but also document storage, content management, financial systems, intranet sites and network monitoring.  Local IT vendors can work with you to review your options of utilizing cloud based technologies to provide increased uptime in the event of a local emergency.

Old Town Media utilizes cloud based services for much of our infrastructure.

  • Phones: Our phones are handled through a SIP provider with a local phone server on-site.  In the event of an outage, we can roll our phones over from our provider to our cell phones in about 5 minutes.
  • Email: Our email is handled through Google Apps For Business.  This allows us to utilize many 3rd party integrations such as our Project Management and CRM applications to integrate directly with our email.  It also removes any local or regional disasters from affecting our email service.
  • Servers: All of our servers (both hosting servers and internal production servers) are stored at Softlayer’s datacenter.  Softlayer who is owned by IBM provides our servers an environment with redundant battery backup, diesel generators, fire suppression and HVAC cooling units along with full physical security precautions.

Some local vendors that can assist you with planning or reviewing a cloud based computing solution can be found below: