Mobile Marketing Strategies for Your Business


If you haven’t incorporated mobile marketing strategies into your business’ marketing, now is the time.

As the use of cellphones (specifically, smartphones) continues to grow, it is increasingly important for small business owners to adopt mobile marketing practices. Mobile marketing lets you connect with customers and reach out to prospects on the device they use the most: their smartphones and tablets.

To keep up with the growing number of smartphone users, your business should consider the following when marketing your business:

Making your website more mobile friendly

Design your website so that it can be seen from any size smartphone screen (this is referred to as responsive). You want readers to have a great experience on your site no matter what size screen they are seeing it on. When your site is being viewed on a much smaller screen, make sure readers can get to your most important content easily. Users are generally busy or distracted when using their cell phones so it is crucial to grab their attention by making content clear and concise – and available! At Old Town Media, we develop all new websites as mobile responsive sites, making it easy for anyone to navigate your site on any sized device.

Designing a QR code

QR codes make it possible for small businesses to reach customers from anywhere.

With your niche market in mind, place your QR codes in locations that are convenient for people to access. By bringing customers to you, these codes have the ability to create repeat customers through the use of incentives. QR codes can also make it easy for consumers to complete a survey or write a review for your business on Yelp and other review sites.

Another useful application for QR codes is as a promotional tool for your social media accounts. When creating your code to promote social media, make it so that your code links people directly to your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest account. This will allow customers to “like” and “follow” your business instantly without having to search for it later.

Creating an app

Before we begin, what is an app exactly? According to the definition of an app is “an application, typically a small, specialized program downloaded onto mobile devices.” Apps can open the door for your business to potential customers while keeping past customers interested and engaged. Just like QR codes, apps can be a great delivery tool for surveys, question and answer forums and for customer support.

Another added benefit of having a mobile app for your small business is to grow your network. Design an app that creates buzz, and the more people you reach the better your chances are of being successful.

Expanding your email list

Don’t underestimate text messaging. An easy way for customers to sign up for your email list is by using a “Text-to-Join” tool via text message. By signing up, customers agree to receive future emails, not text messages, at their provided email address.

Once the customer texts the keyword you have created to the phone number you have set up for your business, they will automatically receive a reply message prompting them to enter in their email, they then hit submit and a thank you response is sent to their mobile device.

Managing your business on the go

Use your smartphone to collect payments for your products and/or services, to issue receipts, to relay shipping information and to respond to business inquiries in the palm of your hand.

The Square Register is a point of sale software attachment for your business and smartphone device that you can bring with you everywhere. It allows users the ability to manage everything your business needs including payments & order entries, staff, summaries & reports and hardware.

With the ability to take your business with you, mobile marketing can make your life a whole lot easier!