Meet the Office Dogs

Any given day visiting the our office, there is a pretty good chance you will meet one of the many dogs that ‘work’ at Old Town Media.

Meet Pumpkin Spice:


She’s a Maltese Yorkie mix (a Morkie!) She belongs to Kerrie and she is a huge Broncos fan (and yes, she is named after Pumpkin Spice Lattes). Pumpkin thinks she runs the office and will always run out to say hi if you come and visit.

Meet Kya:


She’s is a Husky Mix and she belongs to Kayti. Kya is always up to play and loves taking walks around City Park, along with sneaking out of Kayti’s office to greet clients and staff members.

Meet Lily:


She is one of 3 Bulldogs belonging to Miles and Val. She is the most athletic and will hunt any squirrel in City Park if she is given a chance.

Meet Mattie:


She is the newest edition to the Kailburn Bulldog club. She is a rescue Bulldog and is definitely the protective mama over the other two.

Meet Brutus:


Brutus is the only boy dog in the office. He’s a handsome gentleman who rarely wakes up from sleeping under Val’s desk to greet visitors. You usually have to pry him out from under the desk with some treats.