Logos with Mountains


Okay Colorado – no more requests for logos with mountains in them. 🙂 See above, does this look familiar? Probably like 500 other businesses you have seen in the Front Range area right? Recently I was driving by an industrial area and noticed 5 buildings with that had logos with mountains in their design within a 3 block radius. This got me to thinking of all of the times I have designed logos with mountains…

The definition of logo is as follows:


noun, plural lo·gos.
A graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation etc.,  uniquely designed for ready recognition.

The work UNIQUE is in the definition therefore having the same mountain landscape that everyone else has is definitely not unique. You want something that is going to separate you out from your competition – not blend in with all of the others. While we all love our Colorado Mountains, my thoughts are – try something new and different. Play with the words, typeface, abbreviations to create a unique logo… just please no more mountains!