The OTM Logo Design Process

A Great Logo is Forever.
Let the OTM Logo Design Process Work For  You.

Your company’s logo is the single most important marketing asset you have. You know it, your customers know it and you better believe we know it. It ends up on your signs, your business cards, your letterhead, your packaging. If you’re particularly hardcore, it could even end up on your body as a tattoo. That’s why we have such a well defined logo design process: To make sure we get it right.

OTM Logo Design ProcessWhile equating the logo design process to a trip to a tattoo parlor may seem more Bonaroo Music Festival than brand standards at first glance, it’s exactly the same approach you’d want to take with settling on art that’ll end up on your arm, leg, body or neck (we’ll only judge you a little for that neck one). A great logo, like a tattoo, is forever. We design them to stand the test of time.

That starts with determining what’s right for you. A lot of times in the logo design process, our team has an inkling of where we think it should start, but it’s not our logo, which is why before a designer ever boots up Illustrator for your first round of drafts, we meet with you and get a feel for your needs.

  • Your Industry: Hospitals’ logos look different from fast food companies’ marks for a reason. We research examples of logos from your field, and discuss them, to get a feel for what you like and what you hate about each.
  • Your Culture: A bulletproof logo doesn’t merely encapsulate your product or services. It’s an expression of your identity. It helps clients understand you’re the fun-loving corporate law attorney, or the buttoned-up, uber-professional skateboard shop.
  • Your Unique Selling Point: Your logo should make you stand out from the crowd, and boldly, if subtly, show customers that you’re more than just an another listing in the yellow pages.

Once we feel we have a handle on your organization and what makes you different. Katie, our designer, gets down to work, delivering three or four options. Then the fun begins! We know we don’t usually knock it out of the park on the first try (though it does happen), so we’re prepared for feedback on the lot. Usually, you’ll have one idea you prefer, and elements of others that strike your fancy. Typically, after a few rounds, we have a logo ready.

Because we want your logo to work in every application possible, regardless of side, we design logos as vector files which (we’ll spare you the mathematical and technical blah-blah) perfectly resize without pixelation at any size. We hand over your vector art, in .eps file format, as well as a slew of other formats you may need (.jpg, .png, .pdf) in color optimized for print as well as screens.

We’ll even email your tattoo artist a copy, if that’s your thing.