Leveraging Problem Solving Tools In The Real World

Every one of our staff members solves problems for customers.  It could be something as simple as adding the ability to collect donations on a website, increasing the click through rate of certain website elements or retrieving data faster for a customers web application.  Each of these goals requires testing different approaches to see which one is best suited for the customer and their needs.  We often use a method internally called “5-3-5” (a modified version of the 6-3-6 brainwriting method).  Using this method, we give 5 staff members a fully documented “need” or “problem” the customer is having and they are tasked with generating 3 solutions in 5 minutes.  This gives us a pool of 15 solutions to evaluate as a group through our development, usability and split A/B testing.

This method is not limited to coming up with solutions for issues based on 0’s and 1’s.  We use this method to continually improve our customer service, streamline workflow efficiencies both internally and externally as well as provide additional services to our customers to make their lives easier, allowing them to focus on running their company and and organizations.