Insects power circus – Classic viral campaign

In one of the more creative viral campaigns that we’ve seen in a while, Qualcomm hits it out of the park with a simple, yet powerful message.

The way the message is displayed is quite unusual, but that’s really what makes viral videos so excellent. They provide a different way of thinking about life or a specific problem. In this video, the video is rather straight-forward; insects power a circus, which then re-charges a mobile phone.

The message becomes quite clear after watching through the video, and even more clear once you visit the page they direct viewers to: our phone technology is so efficient, mere insects can recharge a phone.

On top of the simplicity aspect, you can tell that the creators went to extraordinary lengths to create the video. You’re likely to never see this kind of thing again.

This video hits on all of the major checkpoints for a viral video. It’s shocking, simple and effective, and it’s unique. Add on that some impressive videography and you have a hit.