Ideas to Monetize Your Site or Blog

Monetizing Your Blog

Often times people ask us how can I make money off of my website. Here are some ideas that you can use once you have a good following on your website and/or blog.

Adsense: Google’s AdSense is simple to use and doesn’t require a ton of effort. You simply copy and paste onto your blog and related links will show up on your page. If someone clicks on one of those links, you will get a commission from google.

Amazon Associates: If your site or blog focuses on a product, you can link up Amazon to your site and earn a portion of sales when people click on your link through to Amazon and follow through to a purchase.

Create Your Own Affiliate Program: Depending on the type of site/blog you have you may be able to touch base with other local businesses who share similar products and create your own Affiliate program. You would post a link to their product on your blog and if someone clicks through your blog to their site and orders it, you would get a portion of the sale.

Selling Ads: Some people do not like or get approved for the Google AdSense program. If this is the case, you could focus more locally and sell local ads on your site/blog for a fee. These can be cumbersome to manage, but if done correctly, you could make some good, steady income from them.

E-Books: Once you have a large following on your site/blog, often times people create an e-book that compiles all of that great information that you have been giving away, along with new information. There are so many ways to self publish now that creating an e-book has never been easier. Usually they are sold around 3/4 to 1/2 the cost of a physical book.

Personal Appearances: I have now seen several bloggers who are famous in their niche now getting paid to go to seminars and do talks. One example is in the paleo world. Several bloggers such as,,, etc. travel regularly around the country getting paid for their advice/knowledge.

Offer Exclusively: Once you have an established readership, you can expand your income by offering memberships for people to have access to exclusive information or to receive a monthly newsletter, etc.

One thing to remember is that non of this will happen over night. It takes a considerable amount of effort to create and keep a blog following. People who are successful have a very strict posting routine that they do not stray from. In addition, they post at least weekly to keep their following interested in. Don’t forget to follow those posts up with social media 🙂