How to Prepare Your Marketing Team for Holiday Break

Whether you love it or hate it, the holiday season is officially upon us. Although a lot of us consider this is the best time of the year, all of the seasonal events can make for the most hectic time of the year as well. Let’s talk about setting a plan for that, so we can make the most of this season.

Do More Work Now and Less Work Later

Plan as much as you can in advance before things get crazy. Obviously there are things that can’t be done ahead of time, but to ensure the most quality time with family and friends, do as much as possible. Schedule an out of office email response, and all social media posts: Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. You don’t want to be the person that has to step away while opening presents or cheersing to the new year.

Create a Master Calendar

If you haven’t already, make an outline of what will be happening on specific dates. There will be a lot of people requesting time off during the holidays. Sharing a master calendar with all employees will decrease confusion when people are in and out of the office this season. When doing this, establish policies for scheduling to set a foundation of fair time off.

Post Seasonal Related Media

When preparing social posts in advance, make sure to keep it within the season. Using consistent themes or hashtags are important things to include. Grab your followers this season with holiday promotions, active posts and personal greetings.

Offer Incentives

Don’t forget to have fun! For the days you are in the office, plan holiday-related events such as a decorating day or a potluck to keep everyone motivated while we work through the busy season. Because many mornings you’d rather be watching movies and drinking tea, offering these kinds of incentives are fun ways to stay connected to your team and excited to come to work.

Take care of things you’ve been putting off before things get busy. If you are looking for some extra help planning social calendars or just marketing in general for the holiday season, OTM has got you covered. Get in touch with us to create your seasonal campaigns and branding ideas!