How to Install and Email a Font File

If you are working with someone and they do not have the specific font file you used, you will need to email them the file so they can install it on their computer. It is a super easy thing to do once you  know the nuance of it.


1. Go to your Macintosh HD

2. Click on LIBRARY

3. Click on FONTS

4. Copy the font you want to give to someone

5. Paste the font onto your Desktop

6. Email the font from there.

7. These are the same instructions if you were to install the font. From your email program, put the font file on your desktop, open up your macintosh HD, library, fonts, and then paste the font file from your desktop to your PC.

PC: The only difference on a PC is where you go to get the font. It is under your control panel, font folder. Same steps apply as listed above.