How location-based use can help multiply your social presence

Customers come in all the time and buy your products, purchase your service, or rent your items. They might even go home and tell their friends, or post about it on Facebook. But, what if you could make it even easier for them to tell all their friends about it? What if their friends would be able to see in real time that they’re at your business and buying your products?

You could easily be multiplying your social presence with the simple addition of a sticker or business card that reminds people to check in to your location. If you’re not aware of this technology, there are multiple websites and applications that allow people to “check in” at whatever location they may be at. This then pushes out to their friends in the form of that application, or possibly Facebook or Twitter, telling all of their friends that they “checked in” at the business or location.

So, when someone checks in at your business, not only does your count go up on the check ins at your business, but all of their friends see that they frequent your business every time they check in your business shows up in their news feed.

This equates to an endorsement of your business and another impression on their mind about your business.

Every time someone checks in at your business, they are marketing your business for you, for free.

Encouraging customers to check in at your business could be as easy as putting up a sticker with a QR Code on the front door, handing out business cards reminding customers to check in, or even offering an incentive such as a discount on their next purchase if they check in.