How do you add value to your customers?

There are two kinds of marketers: First, the used car salesman. The used car salesman wants cars off the lot. He doesn’t care if they’re right for the customer or if they’re the right price, he/she cares only if they are off the lot and there is a check in his pocket. The vehicle that they’re selling might or might not meet their customer’s needs and it’s likely perfectly substitutable for a car on the lot next door.

And then there are innovators. Innovators (or most entrepreneurs) want a check in their pocket too, but the difference is that they realize that they need to create something new, something that adds value to their customer’s lives. They create something or bring a new twist to an existing product or service that adds value for their customers and enriches their customer’s lives. The check comes after the customer has realized the benefit.

This is generally what separates “good” salesmen from used car salesmen. This is also what separates a good company from a bad one. So, how are you adding value to your customer’s lives? If you’re not, you might consider switching up your product, or at least your marketing tactic, to better reflect the needs of your customers.