Is Your Hosting Provider Slowing You Down?

Choosing a quality hosting provider has gotten a bit more complex lately.  Hosting providers are adjusting their per-server loads to handle more robust websites built on frameworks such as WordPress and Drupal and that is cutting down the amount of websites they can run on a single box.  We have noticed a large decrease in performance of Godaddy’s hosting lately (not that they were ever a good host to begin with).  Here is an example of a basic WordPress site hosted at Godaddy on their basic shared hosting.  You can see that the page took a full 2.6 seconds to load.  Not that bad you think right? 2.5 seconds seems ok to many people.Hosting Provider


Here is the customer’s report based on their new hosting provider, LiquidWeb.  This is running the exact same site on their hosting.  Liquidweb’s hosting is a couple dollars more a month but note the over 75% decline in loading times!  This is certainly something to look for when running a larger a site.  These times can start to creep higher and the longer people wait for your page to load, the higher the risk of losing them as a potential customer!