Happy Birthday Fort Collins!

Today our lovely city of Fort Collins turns 150 and, in honor of its birthday, we thought we would share each staff member’s favorite thing about the city!

From the Web Development Department:

Miles – “My favorite thing about Fort Collins is its dedication both by its residents and civic leaders in fostering the small business community.  While being a university based city, its able to maintain a young energetic social atmosphere that drives a strong economy.”

Mike – “I love being able to ride my bike to work.”

Stephen – “Horsetooth Reservoir. It’s a good place to almost instantly feel like you are on a vacation somewhere far way even though it’s just right outside of town.”

fort collins


From the Design Department:

Val – “My favorite thing about this city is the fact that we have a reservoir right in our backyard. Whether it’s boating, paddle boarding or just riding motorcycles up at Horsetooth, I love living so close to a gorgeous body of water.”

Heather – “Fort Collins is great for so many outdoor activities, but I specifically love getting to ride my bike to work in the summer and snowshoe in the winter (not to work though!).”


From the Marketing Department:

Catherine – “I love all of the seasons Fort Collins has to offer! I especially love living close to the mountains and being able to snowboard in the winter.”

Kayti – “I love the beer culture! I also love how much people enjoy celebrating things in Fort Collins. Living in Old Town, it is so fun to constantly have music and food festivals right outside my doorstep.”

Kerrie – “The trails. Fort Collins is amazing in that you can get lost running a trail right in the middle of town.”

fort collins

At Old Town Media, we just want to say we LOVE our city and Happy Birthday Fort Collins!