Google’s Rich Snippets

Google has just begun integrating a useful new feature called rich snippets into their search results. These snippets of code allow you to specify certain characteristics about your company, business. people, products, and/or places that the search engine’s bot wouldn’t have been able to discern otherwise.

The snippets appear to be a bit tedious at first, but they are actually rather simple to use and integrate. You must simply look up a your product, place or thing’s specific identifier here and place that tag in a span around your product, place or thing in the code. This is especially useful for E-commerce websites and websites with a lot of specific content such as recipes or movies.

The advantage here is that Google can more accurately identify what your website is about and display more information to people searching. Basically, your Google listing gets spiced up and sticks out more, so you get some quality SEO boost for virtually free.