Google’s New Algorithm Change Could Change Your Results

Google loves to shake things up, especially when it comes to their algorithm. Google announced another change today, and it could change up to 35% of the global results.

The change mostly affects those who have news-driven topics or could be conceived as such. The new algorithm puts more relevance on news and new-content. For instance, an article on the IP PROTECT bill that was posted one minute ago will have increased weight than a website dedicated to the bill. The  update is designer to better meet people’s need for real-time news.

The good news is that this means that you will be able to find more relevant, up-to-date news on hot topics.

The big takeaway is that it’s now going to be even more important to keep good PR and to keep new content pushing out since new content will now be given more importance. So, keep the bad out and the good in.

Oh, and Google “do a barrel roll”.