Google’s Me on the Web

A few days ago, we introduced you to Google Dashboard, a method of managing all of your various Google tools. Well, now there’s a brilliant new tool from Google that you access through Dashboard; Me on the Web. Me on the Web is your online personal identity management tool.

Me on the Web is a tool that is primarily designed to help you identify and maintain your personal information on the Internet. The main tool at your disposal is to set up alerts that identify when a new website with your name/information appears. This tool will then send you an alert with all relevant information about the site. The tool also has important reference information such as how to remove unwanted content, how to manage your online identity, and more detailed information about the tool itself.

If nothing else, we recommend that you set up alerts for yourself, just so you know what’s going on out there regarding your personal name. After all, you only get one name.