Google+ Redesign, Instagram Buyout, and Facbook

Well, no recent tech news post would be complete (or, it seems, even exist) without Facebook and Google and both are dominating this week’s wrap-up. Google redesigned Google+ (it looks great and uses white space vigorously), Facebook bought Instagram, and Facebook is making better use of the FB email address you probably never knew you had.

First off, Google+ just redesigned their social network service and it looks fantastic. The new design incorporates a left-hand menu that wraps around the top and focuses your attention on the content at hand. It’s a bit bland in the color department, but the whole design is continuous and smooth across the board.

Second on the menu, Instagram – a company with just 15 employees and No revenue – was just bought out by Facebook for $1 Billion. They have since gained 10 Million new users, pushing them up to 40 Million total. As with all insane stories of highly-priced startups, the news is circulating of an entrepreneurial/application revolution. Time will tell.

And lastly, Facebook is giving everyone an email address that matches their timeline name. For example, if your timeline is at, your new email address will be

Happy friday and enjoy your weekend!