Google Dashboard: the easy way to manage all of your Google information

It’s amazing how much Google knows about you. Everything from how many emails in your inbox to your web page logins to the videos you put up on YouTube. The good news is that now there’s an easy way to manage your web presence via Google’s Dashboard.

From this single page, you can access virtually all of the information Google knows about you, even managing your entire web presence and setting alerts if someone searches for your name. You have the capability to access all settings for every Google service you use (with the exception of App Engine, Notebook, Places, Subscribed Links & Wave) through this one, easy-to-use page. The best feature of the page is it’s raw simplicity; every option is easy to see and find and navigating is as simple as scrolling down the page to find your desired app.

We encourage you to spend some time exploring this brilliant tool that Google has built! (Especially the brand new Me on the Web option)