Giving Back in Crisis: Why I Choose to Give to Project Self-Sufficiency

By: Kerrie Luginbill

It’s hard to ask people for money. Trust me, I know. As someone who planned fundraising events in the early days of my professional career, I remember dreading the calls begging for auction items and the not-so-subtle ask of my own friends to help me reach fundraising goals during those events.

So, why am I asking people to part ways with their hard-earned money during COVID-19? The short answer is because organizations need it more now than ever and these organizations exist for a reason – they serve our community, our economy, our friends and neighbors and future generations.

Join me in supporting Project Self-Sufficiency as we bring hope to single parents in Larimer County [click to donate]

As Board President for Project Self-Sufficiency, I worked with the organization to launch a fundraiser in response to COVID-19 and its impact on single parents and their children in Larimer County. Our goal is to raise a total of $30,000, with $15,000 of that being matched dollar for dollar by several anonymous donors – literally every dollar turns into two dollars and every dollar matters.

In addition to addressing current needs, we are compelled to look ahead and do our best to anticipate the longer-term impacts on families. We can say with a great degree of certainty that with each passing week, with school and childcare closures, and as the economy fluctuates, our families are suffering. We are determined to be here for our families and our community throughout it all and we are so grateful for whatever support our community can give.
– Tracy Mead, Executive Director

As single parents are the sole providers for their families, Participants must support their children’s’ education at home and continue to focus on their own studies and work; all while managing day-to-day crises for their families. The Project Self-Sufficiency team is committed to bringing additional resources to single parents while being innovative and proactive in responding to critical needs throughout the pandemic.

To date, Project Self-Sufficiency has provided financial support to families through gas and grocery cards, utility and rent assistance, as well as technical resources to families unable to complete their children’s distance learning and those unable to continue with their own online learning expectations. The organization expects an even greater financial need as families deplete any reserves they may have, and experience further reductions in work hours.

Bringing the promise of education to single parents for more than 30 years, Project Self-Sufficiency serves approximately 150 low-income families each year, and targets families who earn below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level, with children aged 15 or younger living in the home more than fifty percent of the time.

Your donation brings more than just hope to these families. All donations will help local families to keep food on the table, a roof over their heads, and ensures children are taken care of.

Help us ‘Bring the Hope’ to families in need and alleviate the added pressures single-parent families are experiencing and help them to stay on track towards their education and career goals.

Those interested in donating can visit