Fall Is Here & So Are Its Distractions – Staying Focused At Work

Leaves are falling and football season has finally arrived! Fall is one of the best seasons of the year but with that comes a flood of distractions making work a struggle. If you are like most, waking up to a cold, dark morning can make it next to impossible to peel yourself out of bed to get ready for work. Or watching that last quarter of the football game during the all anticipated Monday Night Football instead of going to get a good night’s rest for work the next morning can be hard to pass up. Both of these distractions and millions of others can create a difficult day at work.

Here are 7 tips to staying focused at work during such a distraction-filled fall season

Workable Environment, Stay Organized

Having a workable environment can make or break your workday. A chair with back support, sit/stand desks, organization on your desk and a clutter-free area can help. Don’t let your workspace be the reason you are unfocused.

Clean Up Your Computer

Along with a workable environment, a clean computer is a huge asset to having a focused day at work. Having no games and no viruses will create a hassle-free and distraction-free day.

Cellphone AWAY

Cellphones and social media sites can be one of the biggest distractions in a work environment. Using the do not disturb feature or turning your phone off are useful tactics to not being distracted. Discipline yourself to only checking personal phone calls and social media sites to lunchtime or after work. There are too many distractions on phones to be checking it all day long.

Drink Lots of Water…& Sometimes Snacks are Needed

Drinking water throughout the day can refresh and give a boost you may need once you hit that after-lunch slump. Having a water source on your desk will allow you to have that refresh whenever needed.

As well as water, snacks can give you life during the day. Have those snacks on your desk ready for a grumbling stomach at all times of the day. This will also give you a small break during your work-filled day.

Music! Music! Music!

Music can put you inside your own head and not get distracted from the construction across the street or a conversation down the hall. Having music in your ear is to provide the motivation that is lacking, so make sure your music library is created based on what pumps you up! Not everyone’s hype music is the same, so create this on your own.

Prioritize Your Day

Evaluate your work ethic at work. When do you get the most work done? When is your weakness period at work? Have your to-do-list and prioritize it based on when you work the best during the day. Plan your most important and time-sensitive projects during the time of most productivity.

Find Motivation

Sometimes projects at work can be repetitive and not enjoyable. How can you get through these types of projects?? You have to sometimes dig deep and find motivation. If that is through a quote, a coworker or you looking at yourself in the mirror telling yourself “YOU CAN DO IT!”

Motivation is everywhere; you just have to find it.

Next time you wake up stuck to your sheets or all your friends are out enjoying this amazing weather, remember you love your job and you are a Rock Star! Do not let the fall season and weather distract from greatness at work.