Facebook Insights, possibly the most important page resource

Just about everyone uses Facebook these days. A recent study indicated that 1 in 10 pets even have their own social media profile. But, if you have a fan page, are you just floating around in cyberspace wondering what’s going on, or are you making the most of your fan page and the power it has to hold?

There’s a little button on the right hand side of your profile that will tell you more about your page and it’s usefulness and effectiveness than any other resource. The “view insights” button will unlock a world of analytics directly related to your profile and the various facets of it.

For example, do you have any idea how many of your fans are mail or female? How many are in your target area, and how many really follow your page?

When you first click on the Insights button, you will be taken to a page that gives you a very basic overview of your page performance. Simple Interactions and Users info here.

The two tabs below the Overview button are even more useful, The Users and Interactions button will give you significantly more in-depth information on the usefulness of your Facebook page and the people using it. Users will tell you how old your fans are, what gender, where they’re coming from, even what sites are your highest referrals to the page.

The Interactions page holds less data, but is still useful for determining your best posts and most effective content.

We definitely recommend that you check out this extremely useful, free tool for better determining your Facebook effectiveness!