Facebook Fan Pages

We’ve noticed a large amount of Facebook accounts setup for businesses as “personal profiles” and not “Fan Pages”, so we thought we’d take a moment out to talk about the differences.  When you create a Facebook account for yourself, that is a personal profile.  Sure you can name your personal profile after your business, but your only cheating yourself.  The proper setup is to use a “Fan Page” for your business, group or entity.  This allows an unlimited amount of people to join your fan page.  If you made the mistake of setting up your business as a “personal profile”, you will be capped at 5000 friends.  While that may seem like a large number, many people easily hit it and have no options to “upgrade” or change to a fan page without starting over.  Additionally, you will not be able to link to a “personal profile” from your website without the visitor having a Facebook account.  If you use a “Fan Page”, you will be able to link to the account and anyone can view your Facebook page.