Facebook Fan Pages Turning to Timeline

In case you haven’t visited your fan page in the last week, all fan pages will be forced into the Timeline on March 30. The Timeline holds a lot of good potential for businesses and if you take advantage of it before it’s forced upon you, you can take advantage of the great changes.

Here’s the changes you can expect when you switch over:

1. You’ll need a “cover photo”. This is the large photo above your profile picture. this gives you a LOT of space and flexibility to either market a product or just show your stuff. Get creative here!

2. Landing tabs are no more. Visitors will always see your wall first thing instead of a designated landing tab. However, you can move the tabs around and still display a custom tab.

2. Visitors can now message a page and vice versa. This is a feature we’ve been waiting a long time for and will make life significantly more convenient as you no longer have to message a fan from your personal page.

3. You can now “pin” and “highlight” a status update. Pinning means keeping it at the top for a week, whereas highlighting means expanding the update to take up the whole double-column space. We love this feature!

For an example of the layout, check out our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/OldTownMedia