Facebook brings you two levels closer to your friends

A new joint study released by Università degli Studi di Milano and Facebook, reveals that the social networking site is actually working to reduce the “degrees of separation”, a popular theory created by Stanley Milgram.

In his popular theory on the six degrees of separation, Milgram proposed that anyone in the world is connected with any single other person in the world by only 6 people. In other words, you’re connected with Tom Cruise somehow, by some path of 6 mutual friends.

Well, the recent study reveals that on Facebook, that number is significantly reduced to only 4 degrees of separation. Within countries, the number drops to 3 degrees of separation.

A separate study also revealed that, “10% of people have less than 10 friends, 20% have less than 25 friends, while 50% (the median) have over 100 friends.”