4 Things We Do Before Breakfast

Jenna Goudreau from Business Insider recently published an article, “12 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast,” on Inc.com.

The article, a response to Laura Vanderkam’s book “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast,” is so great that we want to share how Old Town Media implements some of these habits into our workflow.

Out of the 12 things Gourdreau mentions, here are four our staff likes to practice:

1. “They exercise before it falls off the to-do list. The top morning activity of the rich and powerful seems to be exercise, be it lifting weights at home or going to the gym.”

At Old Town Media, our staff tries to stay as active and healthy as possible. In the summer, you can find some of our staff members riding bikes to work or centering themselves in an early morning yoga class. And while we spend many hours of the day sitting at desks, our office is across the street from City Park in Fort Collins. You can frequently find the Old Town Media team taking their dogs (yes, we bring our dogs to work!) for a walk after lunch.

2. “They network over coffee. Especially if you like to make it home for dinner, the mornings can be a great time to meet with people for coffee or breakfast. Plus, networking breakfasts are less disruptive than midday lunches and more work-oriented than boozy cocktail parties…”

Old Town Media is proud to be a part of Business Network International in Colorado. Val, our Creative Director, spends every Wednesday morning networking with other local businesses over coffee and breakfast. It is not only informative and educational, but it helps to increase our business and partnerships.

3.They plan and strategize while they’re fresh. Planning the day, week, or month ahead is an important time management tool to keep you on track when you’re in the thick of it. Using the mornings to do big-picture thinking helps you prioritize and set the trajectory of the day.”

On Monday mornings, you can find the Old Town Media staff in our conference room discussing the week ahead. On Friday mornings, you can find us drinking coffee and strategizing in the lounge. For most of the week we are busy working with clients, driving around town to meetings and answering phone calls. Even still, our staff comes together to brainstorm. Whether we are going over current projects or thinking up new ideas, our staff values meeting first thing in the morning, twice a week.

4. “They read the news. Whether it’s sitting in the corner diner and reading the papers or checking the blogs and Twitter from their phones, most successful people have a pre-breakfast ritual for getting the latest headlines.”

You can count on our staff to be up to date with the latest marketing, web design and development trends. And you will often find our team emailing or IMing relevant news articles to one another. Kerrie Luginbill, Old Town Media Marketing Manager, starts her Monday mornings with articles from Mashable, Entrepreneur and Seth Godin.

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend reading the full article by Goudreau here: https://www.inc.com/jenna-goudreau/what-successful-people-do-in-the-morning.html.

What are some of the ways your company aims for successful before breakfast? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter!