The OTM Discovery Process

We’re a marketing agency. We’re used to moving fast to meet our clients’ needs and I’d say we’re pretty good at it, too. For a while now, OTM has been taking a new approach to client management: slowing things down during onboarding for a comprehensive discovery process.

For example, an architect who designs you a house without knowing how many bedrooms you require will, frankly, be pretty bad at his or her job. You wouldn’t trust a prescription given to you by a doctor who didn’t give you an examination, would you? Marketing shouldn’t be any different. OTM’s stable of marketing specialists (digital, branding, social media and public relations) have an arsenal of strategies at their disposal. Our team works to assess the current business’s position before we actually start marketing them.

That’s where our discovery process comes in. We understand that when you partner with a marketing agency like OTM, you’re eager to get your message out there and you’re excited to start now. We are too. We want to make sure your message is the correct message for your business and we know the best way to get it out there.

It’s great to have an outside perspective on your business plans. Our discovery process gives you that glimpse. It also prepares our team to best understand your business, your needs and your goals. It’s only then that we get down to the business of developing your brand and cultivating a marketing plan.

We’ve been running our formal discovery projects for about a year now, and I can say the results have spoken for themselves: We’ve done the hard work up front, figuring out the elements of a brand and a business’ marketing needs.

What’s more important than how well staff takes to it? How clients are, of course. They love it, too. There’s nothing more important than having a 30,000 foot look at your brand positioning and marketing – so much that we’ve helped some of our partners alter business plans to maximize their success.

Sure, it takes a little while longer to work through the discovery process than at other Fort Collins advertising agencies. That’s OK. Once we’re through it, we’re out of the gate ahead of the pack.