Did Someone Say Party?

A First Birthday Worth Celebrating

PediatricUrgentCare_Jan2015-bug_FLast year at this time, Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado was celebrating a different occasion. They were opening their doors for the first time and welcoming new patients with open arms. As the only pediatric specific urgent care facility in Northern Colorado, their new presence in South Fort Collins put local parents at ease knowing there were experienced pediatric providers available 365 days a year right in their community. We excitedly planned their grand opening, launched their new website and built a marketing campaign welcoming them to the ‘hood. Ahhh, memories.

Fast forward 12 months and it was time to give credit where credit was due. The staff at Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado may have been too busy keeping local families healthy to realize a year had passed, but we weren’t going to miss the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments.

The Big ONEPUC_FacebookPost_1stBirthday_800x800

Knowing who Pediatric Urgent Care serves, it was only fitting to celebrate their “1st birthday” and a year of successful business. Complete with cupcakes and a single candle, we built a digital campaign that showcased the best memories of the past year. Utilizing their website, social media channels and email marketing, we generated buzz around Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado’s big milestone. 

The Key is Cross-Promotion

At Old Town Media, we find ways to help our clients collaborate and promote each other whenever possible. The obvious partner for promoting Pediatric Urgent Care’s 1st birthday was their sister facility, The Youth Clinic. The two businesses perfectly complement each other with closely aligned target audiences, goals and mission statements. They work together to provide their patients with a seamless transition from primary provider to after hours care. Promoting Pediatric Urgent Care’s success through The Youth Clinic’s marketing channels broadened our reach and built credibility for both businesses.

Now that’s something to celebrate.