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where in the world is your snapchat geofilter?

Despite the fact that Snapchat launched almost 3 years ago, the company is still launching new features and giving users more things to love. With the most recent roll out of updates, Snapchat seems to be working hard to develop and solidify the relationship between businesses and consumers, specifically with the release of custom geofilters.

A little knowledge bite: Snapchat geofilters are graphic overlays that are only available to Snapchat users in specific areas (i.e. Hughes Stadium, Denver International Airport). Originally, filters were generated exclusively by Snapchat but earlier this year, the team revealed custom filters available for local businesses and private events. Now, (almost) anyone can create a filter and upload it for other Snapchat users.

As digital marketers, we were excited to have another tool for brand recognition in our arsenal. When one of our clients, Solarium International Hostel, came to us with plans for an open house, we knew this would be the perfect time for a custom Snapchat geofilter. Really, is there an easier way to have community members spread the word about your event and brand?


While Snapchat has certainly had its fair share of misses, consumer-generated geofilters are currently a huge hit. Communicating the “where” of a snap with a sweet design gives brands a unique, creative way to engage and collaborate with the community. Still, like with all good marketing, creativity is key. Even in a relatively small town like Fort Collins, there is a surprising amount of “geofilter competition” in business-concentrated areas. Thus, the geofilter design needs to be both well designed and subtle though that Snapchat users will willingly use it.

Old Town Media, conveniently located next to City Park, gave Snapchat geofilters a whirl with a custom 4th of July geofilter. Whether the Snap was shared on a story, to hundreds to people, or a select few – Snapchat users received a subtle “hello!” from Old Town Media.

Whether you’re lounging in a familiar place or exploring a new country, Snapchat geofilters are a fun and creative way to add some context to your selfie. Whether or not Snapchat is really going to be “the next big marekting thing,” is definitely still up for debate but for now, we’ll be working on our cat face swaps.