Creating Compelling Video: Tips from our Design Expert

When it comes to creating compelling video, it’s more than just how we put it together. Although creation is important, compelling video is about grabbing attention and making an impact on the viewer. Learn how to stand out from the masses within seconds with a few of these tips.


Consumers of media have become conditioned to be selective fairly quickly, so having a video that doesn’t instantly grab attention is going to deter most viewers. A video should communicate very quickly what it has to offer. Shorter is better unless the video has a purpose that requires a longer format. Drawn out intros, logo overload, and scrolling through a company roster for too long are all things you should stay away from. With video accounting for more than 80% of internet traffic, it’s a battlefield out there, so keep it sweet and simple for the instant gratification of the viewer.


While length plays an important role in the creation of a compelling video, it should never be undermined by the duration of time. People want to feel something. Make your video worth watching by determining what message it needs to send, how to achieve that, and go for it. The most important thing here is to always offer a message or call to action for the viewer.


None of this can happen without the actual creation of the video. When creating a video, take into consideration every aspect of the environment. What sounds would you hear there? What color tone would it have? Rather than creating a video just to be seen, create a video that can be experienced. The point is to stimulate your viewers. Focus on creating motion in any form as that is always more stimulating than a static image. Next time you’re on Instagram or Facebook, take a look at your feed and notice what kind of ads stand out to you. Chances are they caught your eye with some kind of motion or animated effect.

Below is an example video demonstrating these tips.