Creating a “friendly” digital form

Put in their simplest terms, forms are documents that we use to request and collect information. Today, traditional static paperwork like what you would fill out in a waiting room, is often replaced by more (potentially) dynamic and interactive digital forms that use blank text boxes, check boxes, etc.

Unfortunately, many businesses still seem to present digital forms in a way that feels like “paperwork” on a screen, when in reality a digital form can serve as a form of personalized communication between service-providers and their clients. Here’s an example…

Lets say a friend or colleague has a birthday coming up, and you want to know their exact birthdate so that you can get a gift, and wish he or she happy birthday. You might say something like, “don’t you have a birthday coming up?” You would most certainly NOT say, “Date of birth mm/dd/yy ?” It may seem like a silly example, but the point is that your customers prefer interaction and personal communication over static paperwork.

By using the web services of  you can easily create dynamic forms, and personalize them to improve communication with your customers. Formstack allows you to create your own section headers and questions, as well as conditional logical rules to maintain a personalized, even conversational flow.

So don’t bog down your customers with mundane paperwork, engage them in a friendly and professional conversation.