Many of our customers come to us looking to work with them on Google Adword campaigns.  While Adword campaigns provide great traffic, they are largely unsustainable in the long run as a primary source of traffic.  With common Fort Collins keywords going for $1-$10 a click, a business cannot sustain itself on those costs.  Keywords can run as high as $45+ PER CLICK!  Take, “mesothelioma attorneys san diego” which goes for a whopping $46.11 per click.  A better strategy would be to use Adword campaigns to generate some buzz and traffic while growing your sites ranking naturally through better content, coding and structure.  This will allow you to minimize the cost-per-click charges monthly obtaining new customers.  After all, you paid $3 or $4 to get the customer to your website, whats your conversion rate on each visitor to your site?