Controlling Spam from your website

Lately we have been receiving a lot of complaints on increased spam in email boxes so we thought now would be a great time to give some suggestions to minimize the spam hit. If you do not have a spam assassin on your email account already talk to your hosting provider about getting one. This will drastically help cut down the unwanted emails in your inbox. Another key thing to do in preventing spam is to remove all email links off of your website. These mail to links cause a massive amount of spam and this is because spam bots crawl your site looking for those links and will hit them over and over again. A good thing to do is to remove that mail to link and replace it with an image of your email address or even better, add a contact form. Now, a contact form will not solve all of your problems. New spam bots have come out that are now attacking these a bit more than they use to. A great way to avoid this issue is to add a captcha field. Many of you have probably seen the little boxes with a word and some numbers that you have to fill out before continuing a form. This is what a captcha is and it will cut down your spam significantly. For more tips visit