Congratulations Fort Collins Motorsports!

Congratulations Fort Collins Motorsports! Yesterday, they were visited by the head-honcho of the head-honcho of one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers: Yamaha. President “Toshi” Tako and his executive team took time out of their busy schedule to visit FCMS because of their excellent performance, even during the recession, and because of their exceedingly successful online marketing efforts. Tako said that he was “thrilled” by FCMS’s excellent performance during these hard times and excited by the headway that FCMS had made with their online marketing efforts.

Fort Collins Motorsports has all-but completely abandoned their physical marketing efforts in favor of online, measurable marketing handled by yours truly, Old Town Media, and it has turned out to be a mammoth success for them. FCMS is the only Yamaha dealer to make such a bold move.

You can check out Fort Collins Motorsports’ large inventory at: