Communicating the Underlying Attributes

When consumers see your business, service, or product, they can only see the perceptual attributes. That is, the attributes on the outside. Take a car, for example. A prospect can’t see the performance of the engine, but they can see whether or not the car LOOKS fast – is it sporty, what do you the wheels look like, what are the lines of the car, etc.

The goal is to put in the right cues for your customers to be able to identify the underlying attributes without you outright telling them. You telling them that it has a certain quality can be all but worthless, because if you can talk them into it, someone else can talk them out of it. If they see it for themselves in the perceptual attributes, then they’ll come to you and you have the control.

Are you buildng the right perceptual attributes for your business, product, or service? Does your branding match the product? Does the look, feel, and packaging match up with product’s attributes and attitudes?