Building a Brand that Connects

A brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with the right audiences in a relevant way.

Truer today than ever before, your brand and how it connects with your audience is everything. A “brand” is so much more than a name or an icon, it is the representation of who your business is and what your team believes in at the very core of what you do. It is also the way that your audience perceives who you are as a business.

Your brand can make or break you, it just depends on if people believe in it and connect with it.

Building the Brand Strategy

Building a brand starts with identifying what is important to your business through what we call Client Discovery. For long-time marketing client, Aspen Grove Veterinary Care (AGVC), this is ensuring the safety and health of pets by providing state-of the-art medical diagnostics and surgical treatments without the price tag of referral institutions.

In short, they care about the animals that they see and they do everything in their power to safely provide quality care to those pets. 

Once we had successfully completed Client Discovery with AGVC, we decided to build a brand strategy that revolves around pet and owner narratives, highlighting the key services offered by AGVC. The strategy highlights case studies with a focus on communication, compassion and integrity.

Case Study Example 

Meet Koda. Koda_CaseStudyExample_BrandingKoda is proof that you’re never too young, healthy or active to need pet insurance. This fetch-obsessed, 6-month-old Lab runs constantly after his ball and loves to play with other pups. Koda, also known by his family as rambunctious, came to Aspen Grove with a severely broken leg requiring extensive orthopedic surgery. The cause? Playing with another puppy.

Name/Age/Breed: Koda | 6 months old | Male | Lab 

Favorite treat: His tennis ball.

Favorite toy: His tennis ball.

Favorite past time: His tennis ball.

Three words to describe him: Obsessed with fetching… his tennis ball.
“The worst part has been watching Koda carry his tennis ball with him everywhere. We hate seeing our little guy hurt. To top it off, our pet insurance expired less than a week before his freak accident. Needless to say, we’ve renewed our insurance thanks to the helpful staff at Aspen Grove Veterinary Care. Pet insurance gives us a surprising amount of peace of mind knowing we’re ready for anything.“ – Stephanie, Koda’s Mom

Thanks to the diligence of the Aspen Grove staff and the renewal of Koda’s pet insurance, Koda is back to chasing his tennis ball and his family is prepared for the unexpected.

Visual Brand Development

Along with verbally communicating your brand to the world, it’s important to visually build a brand that your audience will connect with. Once we defined our brand strategy, we decided that we needed to take the AGVC logo and soften it while adding in colors that would evoke feelings of calmness, security and trust.


We also determined that all marketing collateral should feature either people or pets, down to Facebook posts and business cards.


The Secret Ingredient 

We’re thrilled with what we’ve accomplished with the AGVC brand over the past 6 months, but in truth, the secret ingredient to a great brand is being a great business.

“Build something you believe in — because that’s the first step to building a great brand.”