bit/ly reveals the best time to post links on Twitter & Facebook, the link shortening website, just posted a blog detailing the best times to post a link to Facebook & Twitter. The results are very interesting, and not exactly what you’d think.

The images are heat maps of the best times based on hour of the day and day of the week. The x (horizontal) axis is hour of the day, and the vertical axis is day of the week, beginning with Monday. The white represents periods of time with almost no click throughs, with the darker colors representing more clicks ie: more conversion.


Facebook’s window is significantly smaller, with peak time ending at about 4pm. The weekend falls off quite a bit, with only one good hour during the entire weekend.


Twitter’s best times are clumped early in the week from about 1pm – 3pm. The best times are pretty clumped, and the earlier in the day, the worse off you are.Interestingly, the peak in traffic keep going until pretty late in the night unlike Facebook, which falls off at about 4 pm.