Beware of Fragmentation

From social media tools to viral videos to apps, it seems new marketing channels emerge every day. Consequently, marketers often feel the need to stretch existing campaigns to incorporate new popular channels. But through these efforts to maintain relevance, marketing campaigns can become fragmented, and ultimately far less valuable.

What is fragmentation?

Fragmentation occurs when different marketing channels project different brand images for a single brand. In other words, during an effort to have your brand seen in more places, your message gets confused or begins to change. A fragmented campaign results in decreased brand recognition, is confusing to the end consumer, and can really plague your campaign budget. Bloomberg Businessweek calls fragmentation “public enemy no. 1 in todays marketing environment”.

How to fight it?

The best way to fight fragmentation is by integrating your campaign to project a single cohesive message (and not just a slogan or tagline). This can be easier said than done… so here are some tips to maintain an integrated campaign message.

  • Create a single brand identity – This identity is the voice of your brand and should communicate your core goals. This singular message should guide your entire organization.
  • Communicate your identity via ALL marketing channels – Be sure that your marketing team knows the brand like the back of their hand.
  • Deliver! – If a brand stresses great customer service in their marketing, they better have effective customer service tools on their website, helpline, and at their physical location. If you fail to deliver on your promised message, your identity loses value fast.

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