Benefits of Firefox over Internet Explorer

Firefox is a safe, faster and even fully customizable Web Browser. It is a new way of surfing the web. We have been making use of an Internet Explorer from the start without attempting anything else. Firefox was originally connected with bad famed Netscape Navigator that added to reluctance in trying something else than IE. Now let us have a look at the advantages of Firefox.

Using Firefox means a quick as well as easy way of getting to the websites you wish even without knowing the address you vaguely remember. You only need to it in as you remember it into location bar as well as the auto complete function that is a fabulous function in all respects, searches for possible matching from your browsing history till date, and even the websites you have tagged as well as bookmarked in a Firefox drop down.

You are also able to manage your bookmarks. One click on star icon that is placed at the end of the Awesome Bar bookmarks the current website. Two clicks on it and are able to choose whether to tag it and where to save it. Bookmarked websites are kept in easy to access folders.