At least you have your Health-Summit

Hello Friends, who’s excited about the big “Health Care in your Future Summit” coming up on May 1st?  Me too!  This year Old Town Media is a Gold Sponsor, yes, we’re kind of a big deal.  If you need tickets let me know and I could totally hook you up, for $50, $40 if you’re a chamber member.

I’ve actually done a lot of trade-shows, from the National Hardware Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Nebraska High School Athletic Directors Fall Conference in Kearney, and I’ve rocked them all.  That’s not to say I haven’t made a ton of mistakes.

Here’s a couple problems I’ve run into over the years: How do I get my booth shipped to Vegas? Why do I have to pay a Union worker $2K to unload it with a forklift? What am I going to do with 2,000 extra stress balls that nobody wants? How come I’m the only one here in jeans? Where are all the sales?  Those were some expensive lessons.

This one is much different. Old Town Media is at the forefront of medical web design and we offer a lot of services that the attendees not only want but need in order to stay relevant in the medical industry.  In the age of giant providers and healthcare reform, a lot of the independents are struggling to gain new patients and keep the ones they have.  That’s where we come in, whether it’s a custom site, secure medical forms or online marketing.

So, I’m excited.  A day of meeting other local professionals and trying to help them create success sounds like a good time to me.  If you stop by our booth I’ll give you a free coaster, so you’ll have that going for you, which is nice.

Talk to you next week Northern Colorado.