Sara Kremm

Sara Kremm

Sr. Paid Media & Conversion Specialist


For Sara, the allure of efficient, data-backed systems has loomed large for as long as she can remember. At a young age, Sara and her family traded in the sunny, white-sanded beaches of Southern California, and made for the crisp, Rocky Mountain air of Fort Collins. It was there that Sara navigated her formative years, eventually completing her economics degree at CSU.

Amidst her studies, Sara found a simple fulfillment in the manipulation of variables to influence an outcome. After starting her marketing career, she further localized that fulfillment around digital ads and marketing funnels. Sara joined the OTM team in 2022, harnessing her passion for numbers and data to tell the story of a user’s journey. For our clients, Sara provides clarity around that journey, ultimately increasing the effectiveness of their marketing funnel.

During Sara’s data-free time, you’ll find her skiing, mountain biking, or doing pretty much anything in the beautiful Colorado outdoors. When she can’t escape to the mountains, she’ll be curled up at home with her dog and cat reading or watching a movie.