Miles Kailburn

Miles Kailburn

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Miles is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of OTM. With a strong background in IT and passion for marketing technology, Miles translates the fancy tech jargon so that the entire team can stay ahead of the curve. Aside from overseeing all nerdy things, Miles enjoys browsing Amazon for the latest gadgets, riding motorcycles, playing guitar and learning new things.

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Loves watching a F1 race

In person is better though

Loves a good game of


Loves being a dad to

two crazy boys

Background and Experience

On the shores of the Great Lakes in Upstate New York, Miles found himself intrigued by the inner workings of the world around him. Often distracted by the wonder, Miles became a regular in the detention hall. For young Miles, this was more of an opportunity than a burden, as he spent those afternoons delightfully engrossed in the business sections of the local papers.

That time spent detained gave birth to an excitement for marketing as a means to create change and growth at a business level. After moving to Colorado alongside his wife, Val, Miles took his fascination with growth into the world of I.T.. Eager to try new things and chip away at broken systems, Miles filled the role of a Network Consultant unraveling many tangled spools of digital systems.

This work in I.T. fostered a growing interest in web applications, and after a pleasant walk around his neighborhood with Val, together they decided to make a go at running a company; namely, Old Town Media.

As the CEO of OTM, Miles is responsible for pushing his team out of their comfort zones along the gradual incline of continued personal and professional growth. For more than just his team, Miles aims to be 1% better every day and uses this manageable mindset to create an internal cadence of change OTM’s clients can commit themselves to.

Miles still loves to wonder at the world around him, and when away from OTM, he spends his time embracing that inner youthfulness playing with his two boys. Besides that, Miles is fascinated by anything to do with cars and motorcycles, and never misses a chance to spend a morning on the golf course.

Community Involvement

  • Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
  • Fort Collins Country Club Board of Directors
  • PSD Mill Bond Oversight Committee Member
  • Front Range Community College Advisory Committee Member


  • IDEO Human-Centered Service Design
  • HubSpot Sales Software Certified

The faster you understand the journey, the faster you can adapt and create change.

– Miles Kailburn