Brianna Bohland

Brianna Bohland

Strategic Account Manager


Brianna grew up just outside the sprawling reaches of the Denver metropolitan area, in Parker Colorado. Traveling south, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting with a minor in advertising from Oklahoma City University, during which time she discovered a boiling passion for marketing.

After a short two years spent bouncing around the hustle of LA, Brianna commenced the pursuit of her marketing dreams in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. She refined her professional vision during her time spent as a community manager and now works as a part of the OTM team turning the ideas and passions of their clients into tangible goals and fulfilled dreams.

When she’s not making marketing dreams come true, you can catch Brianna binging the latest Netflix obsession with her boyfriend, Sam, and their beloved cats, Meatball and Noodle, or beautifully hitting the high notes of karaoke classics at a local brewery.