A Few Words About Social Media Marketing

Here are a few words… it isn’t mass media marketing.

Now here’s a rant:

If you haven’t been living under a rock (a rock without 3G coverage), you are probably aware of the power of social media marketing. Essentially, the reason social media is such a powerful marketing tool is because it gives advertisers the ability to hand select their target audience. So when we as consumers see ads on our hallowed facebook timelines that aren’t relavent to our age, gender or interests, we hate it! And when we hate things, we post status updates about them.

When businesses are overly pushy into consumer’s social circles, they generate negative publicity rather than ‘likes’. Further, when you generate negative publicity in social media word can travel fast. So as a marketer, how can you avoid alienating your consumers while utilizing these powerful marketing tools?

1) Social media is a place for communication, not broadcasting. Target ONLY the people you think will genuinely be interested in talking about your product or business, and approach them with genuine interest as well.

2) Let the consumer post on your behalf, not the other way around. Some companies have stock text to attach when a social media user shares their page or profile. Something like, “Hey, guys! Check out this new (app/game/product) from inconspicuousadvertising.com!” Default text like this can do more harm then good, because we as consumers tend to care a lot more about our friends’ opinions of businesses then the business’ opinions of themselves. If people aren’t encouraged to socialize freely about your product, you will appear less than genuine.

3) Maintain an ever-changing social media presence. This is particularly important for gaining page-likes, followers, etc. If people feel that your page posts are funny, interesting, engaging, or have any value whatsoever, then they can start thinking of your brand as a friend. After all, they see your posts in the same place they see updates from their friends, relatives, enemies, or whoever. A more dynamic and well maintained facebook page inevitably lends to increased brand loyalty from your audience.

When used correctly, a strong social media marketing campaign can vastly increase your credibility with your customers, but an impersonal social media presence can make them feel patronized and insulted. So keep it genuine.