5 Ways to Use Video on Social Media

Here at OTM, we don’t just hold up our foam fingers for you and your business on the sidelines. We are on the playing field, constantly keeping up with industry trends and strategies to help you get to your goal.

In recent months, we have noticed that video is becoming increasingly popular online. Instagram Stories, Facebook Videos, and Snapchat are just the beginning. In fact, if you aren’t using video to engage with your followers yet, you might be falling behind.

Not to worry, we are always here to help you get ahead of the game, so we have come up with 5 ways to use video on social media.

1. Take Your Followers Behind the Scenes

Show your followers what a day in the life looks like for you and your business. Take them “with you” at a company event, introduce your team, or even show them around the office! This helps potential clients get a sense of your brand identity, and it makes them feel like they are getting to know the person or business behind static and curated posts. Utilize the Story feature for this!

2. Answer FAQ

Go Live to answer the Frequently Asked Questions that flood your inbox weekly. You’re sure to have viewership because it is the direct content that your current and potential clients are asking you for. Try doing this once a week, so your followers know when to expect you.

3. Testimonials

Client testimonials are crucial for building a good reputation for your brand, but not everyone takes the time to read them. Consider posting short videos of your clients and their real experiences with you and your business on Instagram and Facebook. Example: Have a client explain how they use one of your products in their day-to-day life.

4. Explain a Process

Use our services page for example! We utilize video to explain the OTM Discovery Process. Create a similar video about your business processes, and record it using InstagramTV. Save it to your page, so it is always available. New and existing clients will better understand how you operate.

5. Show Off Your Work

Working on something new? Just finished up a big project? Show it off! Create a start to finish recap video, and share it across all of your platforms. This way, no one can say you’re all talk and no action! Here’s an example of work in fast forward by our designer, Anthony.

Use these ideas to better your followers experience on your social channels! If you are still not sure how to start, reach out to us. OTM can help you connect with your audience through engaging video.