3 Powerful Tools for Your Website

In our searches to find better ways to serve our clients, we often find powerful and useful tools for measuring website success and metrics. Here are a couple of tools that we’ve stumbled upon to measure how well your website is performing.

Pingdom Tools
Pingdom allows you to measure the true loading speed of your website on a page-bypage basis for free. It will give you detailed information on how much data is being transferred, the caching abilities of your site, and how fast your user experience is. You cna also use their tools to find info on your ping and DNS health.

Keyword Density Analyzer
Plugin your domain into this tool and it will give you detailed information on keyword density, string, placement, etc. throughout your website. This is important for SEO as there is a very fine sweet spot for keyword density and the string that are being picked up by Google.

Google Rank Checker
This tool will give you an unbiased, unfiltered view of where your website will show up for various searchers across the web. This is better than just typing it into Google because Google actually filters your personal results based on your search history, Google+ history, Gmail emails, etc. and this tools strips all of the biased filters away.