10 Awesome Lorem Ipsum Alternatives

If you’ve ever seen or worked on a site-in-progress, you’ve seen lorem ipsum text, the Latin filler text that has been around for ages as the standard in filler text. It’s quite useful as a universal signal for “content needed”, but it can get quite old to look at the same old text again and again. So, we have 10 awesome alternatives to the normal, boring lipsum generator. (Courtesy of https://www.awwwards.com/10-great-alternatives-to-lorem-ipsum.html)

Not Lorem Ipsum is probably the most useful alternative here. It’s industry-specific filler text that actually makes sense if someone stumbles across your site. Have an app-development site? Banking site? Photography site? Not Lorem Ipsum has text for it.

Same boring ipsum, but it’s got styles of lipsum already coded out with proper tags. Lists, paragraphs, etc. Copy and paste and no coding. Brilliant!

Fillerati is definitely one of the more fun ones, it provides lipsum-alternative text from famous authors. Want HG Wells text? You got it. We recommend throwing some Moby Dick in there.

Blind Text Generator offers a variety of lipsum alternatives in various languages.

Lipsum in Spanish.

We wish we were kidding here. Like vegetables? Well, we have a site for you! This lipsum-alternative made up entirely of nutritious vegetables.

Samuel-L-Ipsum. You could spend hours looking through the various quotes here. Without a doubt one of the best generators of them all.

Disclaimer: These are Samuel L Jackson quotes. Ie: could be offensive to some audiences.

“A macabre feast of frightful filler!” Zombie text for the undead aficionado.

Everyone loves a good pint, and here’s some filler text about beer.

Some super-sweet lipsum for your site.