Woman smiling in a white jacket with green glasses

Katerin Ortiz

Project Manager

Also known as “Tata” or “marzianademarzo” in the vibrant world of social media, Katerin is a digital enthusiast with a fervent passion for social networks and online communities. She has been a powerhouse in public relations, working with renowned companies like Kellogg’s, Equinix, and Cinq Music across Latin America. Her diverse experience spans education, NGOs, and entertainment, where she has made a significant impact on social media strategies.

Katerin’s love for music knows no bounds. She thrives on attending concerts and staying tuned to global music trends. When she’s not immersed in the digital realm, you can find her capturing stunning photos and diving into the latest TikTok trends. Above all, Katerin cherishes her time with her beloved son, Bruno, who is the light of her life.